2020: The Great Cosmic Joke

Purple sunsetWhat an interesting year it’s been so far, hey?! Even as we embark on Lockdown 2.0, I must admit I’m finding some humour amidst the chaos. Why? Because I keep thinking back to the end of last year.

Now I’ll bet if you’re reading this, you’re like me…interested in the mysteries of the universe, aware of spiritual culture, perhaps a participant in spiritual culture even.

I remember starting to feel a bit nauseous watching all the 2020 predictions roll in at the end of 2019, and couldn’t pinpoint why. Something just felt off. Now I realise I was witnessing a trend in ‘spiritual’ culture, and to sum it up in one sentence, it was this.

“2020 is a magical year, it’s going to make everyone’s dreams come true”.

Or sometimes, it came with more of a self focussed spin..

“2020 is my year, where all I’ve manifested will come to life and I will dominate”.

Well, it wasn’t exactly worded like that, but that was the energy I felt behind it. Essentially, humans, ‘dominating’, and being entitled to do so.

In any case, the trend predicted 2020 to be a year of great power. And boy oh boy, ain’t that the truth! It’s just not how our little human minds (and big human egos) predicted.

2020 said to us, “Ok…you wanna “uplevel”, and step into a greater power, a higher frequency of consciousness??? I got you.”

And so it orchestrated devastating bushfires. It gave us one bat that changed the world, and an upswell of attention towards racial inequality. And that’s just on a world scale.

Think of all the personal repercussions of all these events, all the lessons and learnings we’ve experienced in our homes, and our hearts.

2020 has knocked humanity down a peg, and to be honest, I think we had it coming.

2020 is showing us who’s boss, and it isn’t us.

But, it’s also listening to the needs of the world, however subconscious they are to us. Instead of presenting us what we think we want on a shiny “I manifested this” platter, it’s responding to our deeper desire to be more heart centred, more grounded, more connected, and slower.

And, in all of the madness, it’s actually beautiful. Because, simply put, this is evolution.

Any time true growth happens, struggle, chaos and destruction are it’s precursor.

On a micro level, I can compare my own stages of personal evolution, purely because that’s the best way I know how to resonate with the experience. I had to endure a break down to become a more authentic, grounded, heart centred version of myself.

On a macro level, the big bang says it all. A calm and empty void of space until a chaotic explosion created us, and this.

Politically, every great social revolution came of an uprising, of struggle being brought into the forefront.

Environmentally, every evolution in how we treat our planet came of us destroying it first.

Right now, we are in the breaking down stage of the evolutionary process, on so many levels.

And, when it’s time for reformation, we will know what we need to, so we can reform better. More heart centred, more grounded…humbled humans, again grateful for the simple things, like we should’ve been all along.

So, 2020, I see what you’re doing, and I appreciate the tongue planted firmly in your cheek.

I see your chaos shifting our attention to things greater, more pertinent, than our own small minds and big egos.

I see you, moving us back into clarity with what actually is, not what we think is.

Thankyou, and I promise to listen to what you’re teaching us all.