Do you know you have a super power?

Each one of us has a different “energetic essence”, or “vibe”, if you like.  It’s the beautiful, intangible thing that makes you… you!

Your energy, your essence….is your SUPER POWER!

We are all born with a natural way that the energy of life flows through us. Managed properly, it is our greatest gift….our fuel for living our best lives. But if we don’t take the time to understand and nurture our superpower, it becomes our greatest curse.

Personally speaking, I’ve always had BIG ENERGY that surges through me.
I’ve spent my whole life learning to work with it.

As a kid, my big energy meant I was great at sport, and I played a lot of it.
But it also meant I had trouble sleeping, would get anxious and overwhelmed by my emotions.
As I grew, I self medicated with substances to ‘bring myself down’, because even I was finding myself ‘too much’.
Because I didn’t yet understand it, I stifled my big energy by numbing it out.

Substance abuse is one way to numb, but there are plenty of others. Netflix binges, facebook scrolling, online shopping, overdosing on sugar…basically anything that takes our awareness away from our body. Anything that distracts us from the uncomfortable physical or emotional sensations we don’t want to feel, because they feel..well, shit.

It’s helpful to understand that these sensations are messages that our energy needs to move, otherwise it will become trapped.

Trapping energy in your body is like pressure cooking it. It will still eventually move, but if it’s doing so without your conscious consent, it will display itself in unhealthy ways.  Emotional instability, risk taking behaviour, lashing out at loved ones and binge drinking are just a few examples of a million possibilities that come to mind.

It took me many years to learn how to to live with my big energy, and manage it effectively so it works for me. It’s been a fascinating and rewarding journey!

When I discovered dancing, at the ripe old age of 28, it became a central piece in my self management. Finally I had something that gave my energy a way of expressing, of moving, and flowing through me as it’s meant to.

But I didn’t yet know how to bring it back into my body and being, to harness as my fuel for life…my superpower.

That was why I started exploring yoga, meditation, mindfulness, embodiment, energy work and spiritual philosophy. Combining these tools with dancing was my big gamechanger.

I could let my big energy move,


bring it deeply back into my body and soul to serve me.

Now I know there’s no one-size-fits-all to managing your energy, but there is a universal truth to remember….

we have to let it move, and we have to let it settle.

I love sharing this truth in our classes, because I want us all to feel the freedom and clarity that comes from a pure connection to our superpower!feeling face