I always had a lust for freedom…

Freedom is one of my top values, and to be honest, I spent a large part of my life chasing it, before I found true freedom.

You see, I used to think freedom was a feeling.

As a young woman, my lust for “feeling freedom” was all consuming. I searched for it every where…and I know I’m not the only one. Hands up if you knew the “freedom” of endless parties, sleep ins, lack of routine, shopping your face off, eating whatever you wanted, binge drinking….chasing sweet, yet fleeting hits of “freedom” as a way of life?

Even though it may not be as extreme as my lifestyle was, I see this “freedom lust” normalised in our modern society, and it makes me really sad. Culturally, netflix binges are an acceptable way to spend the weekend, online shopping is a legitimate passtime, and drinking til you’re blackout drunk is laughed off as being a young Australian’s rite of passage.

The problem is twofold. It is so easy to search for freedom outside ourselves, and our culture reinforces this behaviour as normal.

My path to true freedom came as the result of a breakdown..or awakening. I could no longer sustain the pace of constantly chasing something outside myself, so I turned my attention inwards. I started to explore myself through dance, movement, meditation, mindfulness and realised I had it all wrong.

Freedom isn’t a feeling…it’s a state of being.

By getting to know myself deeply, I formed a loving and forgiving relationship with myself. I’m now able to accept myself, no matter where I’m at. It’s definitely the most liberating feeling I’ve ever experienced, and a wonderful state to live in!

These days, freedom to me means:

Being who I am, with out shame or fear

Being present in the moment

Moving my body exactly as it wants, without inhibition

Energy flowing freely through my body

Expressing my emotions but not attaching to them


Having a shit day and being ok with it… knowing everything is always in a state of flux and tomorrow will be a better day!

What does freedom mean to you?