It’s a strange time.

If you’re backstalking our website and reading this in 2022, Covid-19 will be a thing of the past, a blip on the radar of history…a reminder of our resilience, the importance of slowing down and the beauty of the human spirit.

But if you’re reading this today, March 24th, 2020…we’re in semi isolation because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There’s a weirdness in the air right now. People are experiencing a lot of different emotions, from shock, fear, anxiety, anger….all the way to the other end of the spectrum…to hope and love.

What we are experiencing is a global wave of grief.

In a short time, we’ve lost a lot. Our “normal lives”, our comforts, our classes, our exercise routines. Hugs with family, visits with friends.

The biggest loss of all though? Our sense of control.

This pandemic reminds us that we can’t control everything.The fact that we’ve had life so good for so long, is a blessing, not an expectation.

This is definitely humbling us as humans, which to be honest…isn’t such a bad thing.
Yes,we will most likely all get sick. And, yes, unfortunately, some of us will die. And yes, as much as I’m writing this from a philosophical lens, my heart will break a million times if that touches my life, because it just might.

But, no matter what happens, I’ve come to peace with releasing control.

Just because I don’t have control, doesn’t mean I’m powerless.

I still have the greatest of powers.

I have the power of choice.

And right now, here is what I’m choosing.

I choose to connect with the ones I love in any way I can, and stay connected throughout the isolation.

I choose to employ all I know about how to manage my own nervous system and energy flow, and feel the power inside me as a result.

I choose to open myself to the good that is coming from this, as humanity slows down and we move closer to our hearts again.

I choose to remember that as privileged as I am, all my emotions are valid. And I have the biggest, best tool for feeling them, ever to be.


So I choose to dance around my lounge room, crying, if I need.To dance and scream and let it alllll out…

To dance my way through, in out and beyond…and all the way back to my centre, over and over again.

And I choose to remember, this too, shall pass.

What are you choosing?