Welcome! Allow me to introduce myself

Hi, I’m Jess MacLeish, mama of Bring The SASS.

Not all of our blogs will be this long, but I just wanted to share with you a little about my journey, and how Bring The SASS came to be….and why it exists.

The road to Bring The SASS has been a long and deeply personal one for me.

Without going into the gory details, my journey from adolescence into womanhood was a turbulent one…self medicating, addicted to a toxic relationship, bouncing from house to house, job to job.

For a looooong time, I had no stability and no sense of self.

After living in this self inflicted haze of pain and disconnection for 12 years, I reached a turning point in my late twenties.

And this is where my story really begins!

I’d made the huge step of leaving the relationship and felt the strength rising in myself, but I was still wasting my time in a job I didn’t care about, partying my weekends away to break the monotony of the week.

It was then I had an epiphany…the first of many to come!

I realised we have so much power in what we put into the world, and I wanted to HELP PEOPLE. 

I didn’t know how, or feel worthy of doing so, yet…but it stayed with me..and slowly started to morph and form on an unconscious level, to be revealed years later.

Then, by a twist of fate (that held no obvious connection to my recent epiphany at the time)…. I began to dance, in a burlesque class in the burbs of Melbourne.

I had no idea what burlesque even was until I stumbled across a poster, and felt that intangible pull of something greater than me, guiding me there.

It was there I began to reclaim my connection with my physical body, my sensuality…and really feel my essence.

I was surrounded by women of all ages, backgrounds and stages of life who were all there reclaiming their self connection too.

I danced in the power of the sisterhood, and it was a profoundly healing and empowering experience.

And that was when the next big epiphany hit me.

Everything I’d been thinking about myself was WRONG.

I wasn’t lost. I wasn’t broken. 

I’d been there all along!

I  just wasn’t nurturing my CONNECTION WITH MYSELF. 

And so, I carried on, dancing as a ritual of self love. I rebuilt my life, guided by my epiphanies.

I eventually embarked on a career as a burlesque dancer and teacher by night, and a mental health worker by day.

I was beginning to help people…but I knew there was MORE.

Through my two vastly different “jobs”, I was fortunate to be part of many women’s lives on a human, intimate level. It gave me great insight into the journeys of modern day women.

Whether it was women constantly telling me after shows how empowering it was to watch performers owning their bodies onstage, or clients telling me they couldn’t get out of their heads and stop their racing minds….the pieces started to fall into place.

I realised though our circumstances were all different, we were all experiencing the same thing.

Disconnection from ourselves.

I saw firsthand

the importance of  truly being in, loving and respecting our bodies…


how our relationship with our body is so closely connected to our relationship with our soul.

And I felt in my bones just how vital the balanced connection of mind, body and soul is for our overall wellbeing.

What started as sexy-dancing-for-fun opened up a whole new way of being for me.

I was no longer living in reactive mode, guided by the world around me. I was living guided by my heart, my soul, my bodies wisdom, and as a result was connected to the greater intelligence of life.

As I continued on my own personal journey, I explored different styles of dance, movement, yoga, pilates, qi gong, tantra, mindfulness and meditation.

I trained in Reiki energy healing.

After all of these practises I tried, I realised it came back to one thing…(it’s the definition of the word yoga, actually!)

The polar opposite of disconnection….


The union of mind, body and soul.

 It is the birthplace of our personal power…our key to living a life full of vitality.

Living from this place of union has been a gamechanger for me…but I don’t believe it needs to be as intense as it sounds.

I believe a dance class can embody this philosophy, just as cooking a meal or even washing the bloody dishes can! I think it’s easy to weave this deeper wisdom into our modern lives.

So I started to weave it into my classes.

And as I continued to teach , I realised I could no longer call what I was teaching burlesque. It was a fusion of everything I’d learnt professionally and personally, and it had no name.

It still felt beautiful and sexy and feminine and powerful and super fun…but it wasn’t burlesque. It was much more soulful.

It was then the Universe whispered in my ear…Bring The SASS.

And it told me that SASS is an acronym for the union of the three things that led me back to myself…that I now help others with.

Self Awareness. Sensuality. Soul.

Spreading SASS in the world is my calling. Everything I’ve lived has been for this…and everything I’m still living, is for this.

I love nothing more than giving my fellow women a space to connect with their SASS, themselves and each other.

Whether it’s through a dance class, an embodiment retreat, one on one coaching or a guided meditation…the ethos is the same.

It’s SASS, spewing out of me..well, through me really.

As Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame says….I’m just the human it tapped on the shoulder!

And I’m SO GRATEFUL for it!

I pinch myself that I get to truly connect with so many women. I get to hold fun, awesome spaces, and see the immense power of SASS in motion.

When women come together, dancing and connecting as their most vibrant, authentic, empowered selves…it is nothing short of magical.

It definitely keeps me in a constant state of awe and gratitude for the work I do.

If you’d told the stressed out, overthinking, disconnected past me this is the life I’d be living…she wouldn’t believe you.

And so it is for her, and every woman that has been her, that I Bring The SASS into this world.

Thanks so much for reading this. I hope we can connect one day too!

With love, Jess xx